Patient Stories

Debra Scott

In my younger years I did the flying trapezes with the Shrine Circus and Circus-Circus in Las Vegas. In 1990 they had to fuse my lower back. The disk was gone, and it was bone to bone. As time went on it became a degenerative disease, the pain was unbearable. In 2008, I kept falling. I went to the doctor they said my spine was going to snap if I didn’t get my back done. It helped for a very short time. My quality-of-life become worse. I have never done well with pain meds. I was getting injections all the time.

The disease continued to go higher up my back, into my lumbar, thoracic, and cervical. At this point I had more then four surgeries. I had to leave my job and go on disability. I finally heard about PPTI and Dr. Danko. Three years ago, I was able to get into see Dr. Danko. I call him my miracle worker. The pain pump has changed my life. The pain was so bad that my life had pretty much turned into going nowhere and living like a shut in. I now can do so many of the things that everyone else does. I’m so thankful for PPTI; I wish I would have heard about this years ago. I now can enjoy my life once again. I truly believe this could help so many. I want to share this information, so others don’t have to suffer the way that I did and miss out on so many years of their life.

Stephen Fetters

In an attempt to alleviate chronic back pain, Air Force Veteran Stephen Fetters had back surgery that ended up failing and making his back pain even worse. He went to the VA to see what they could do to help. They provided pain medication that left Steven in a terrible state of mind. Finally, the VA pain clinic said he would be a perfect candidate for the pain stimulator. They sent him to Dr. Danko, who installed the pain stimulator.

“Now I don’t have to take any pills,” he said. “When I get up in the morning, the world looks totally different. It brought me back to the world again.” Stephen follows up with Dr. Danko’s office every few months to make sure everything is running smoothly. “I never want to be without this thing. Intimidation is the biggest fear. It’s not going to hurt you, it’s going to help you. The key is the support.”

Mary Petralia

Mary Petralia had been dealing with knee pain for many years. The pain would run up the side of her leg causing a lot of distress. She was forced to walk with a walker at all times and suffered from just trying to get around. She was completely against a knee replacement. She didn’t want to go to that extreme, so she turned to Dr. Danko for help.

Fortunately, Dr. Danko recommended the peripheral nerve stimulator and that has alleviated a lot of her pain. “I’ve already recommended this procedure to other people who are struggling with pain,” Mary said. She said the procedure is a “piece of cake” and the recovery is the “smoothest thing I’ve ever been through.”