Procedure Day Preparation

What to Expect

When you arrive on the day of the injection, you will check in with the receptionist and will receive your procedure consent form. When ready, you will be taken to the pre-procedure room to prepare for your procedure. After the procedure is completed, you will be taken to the recovery area for a brief period of observation before discharge.

What to Wear

Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment. For certain procedures or if your clothing does not allow for adequate exposure to the injection site, you may be asked to change into a gown.

Procedural Anxiety

We are aware that many patients experience some level of anxiety prior to their procedure. For certain procedures, we do offer the opportunity to take oral medication to relieve anxiety prior to the procedure. You must inform the office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time if you want oral anti-anxiety medication for your procedure. If your provider decides this medication is acceptable for you, the medication will be called into your pharmacy. You will need to pick up this prescription and bring it with you to your appointment. Do not take the medication until instructed by the clinic staff. Medication that is taken before instructed will not be replaced. If you do require medication for procedural anxiety, you are required to have a separate driver to take you home from your appointment.


Typically it is not necessary to fast prior to any of the procedures performed in the office. You will be specifically notified if fasting is necessary for your procedure.

Blood Thinners

Certain procedures require that blood thinners need to be stopped for a period of time before your procedure. The office staff will communicate with you if your blood thinner needs to be stopped before your procedure and the length of time that it needs to be stopped.

Anti-inflammatory Medication

Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications can increase your risk for bleeding during your procedure. Certain procedures may require that you stop this type of medication for a period of time prior to your procedure. If you need to stop an anti-inflammatory medication, the office staff will inform you and it will also be included in your pre-procedure paperwork.


Are you currently taking antibiotics or did you recently finish a course of antibiotics to treat an infection? If so, please call the office to determine whether or not you need to reschedule your injection appointment. In most situations, the risk of spreading the infection to the injection site is too high if you have not completed your antibiotic treatment prior to the procedure.